K. R. Snead Trucking, Inc.

Trucking Services Since 1978

K. R. Snead Trucking, Inc. is a bulk truckload carrier that specializes in the transportation of wood-residuals and has been providing a variety of services to the wood industry in Virginia and North Carolina since its founding in 1978.

Our services include dedicated capacity solutions for finished products and residuals transportation; wood-residual (sawdust, bark, chips, MDF/HDF, etc.) marketing, procurement, and/or storage; for-hire interstate transportation (large walking-floor/belt trailer capacity) within the states of Va., N.C., S.C., Md., and W.V.; and wood flyash recycling programs.


K. Ronald Snead, Founder and Company President

Korey R. Snead, Vice-President

Sue B. Snead, Office Manager

Bobby Chandler, Maintenance Manager

Specializing in the Transportation of Wood-Residuals